You're already certified in Invisalign... Now what?

We know that growing the number of aligners depends not only on your clinical confidence; you also need your team to improve communication with patients.

At REACTIVA-T you will receive management and marketing training. to implement it step-by-step in your clinic in a simple way... with ready-to-use documents and guides, so you can easily train your team and generate an a real revolution in your clinic in only 10 months of the program.

You will be able to review in detail specific instructions for CAD designers.The selection of the mechanics for each type of treatment and patient profile... everything that always generates doubts.

What does it include?

40 weeks of training

10 months of weekly contents where we describe step by step how the aligners work in each plane of space.

24/7 Chat with Dr. Javier Lozano

You will have access to a private chat where you can connect with Dr. Javier Lozano every day and resolve any questions you may have about your ClinChecks.

Marketing and sales sessions

Te will tell you how Dr. Javier Lozano has become the number 1 in its area in invisible orthodontics.

ClinChecks Review

You will have access to weekly live sessions where you can share your cases and analyze them with the Dr. Javier Lozano solving any questions you may have



Does not include case review


Includes case reviews

Have you tried to activate invisible orthodontics in your clinic and it doesn't work?

This is the perfect training for you


Frequently Asked Questions

It lasts 40 weeks, so you will find 40 clinical sessions, 40 marketing classes, articles and different written protocols. 

Yes, during the whole training, on Tuesdays and Thursdays we will connect to solve any doubt about your invisible orthodontic planning. 

It is a chat that you will have open 24 hours a day so you can connect with Dr. Javier Lozano and solve any clinical doubt. 

No, you will find data necessary to understand the biomechanics of aligners, a training that is taken for granted in all courses but necessary to apply advanced protocols. 

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