Orthodontic Aligner Training Program


A program to achieve excellence

Have you tried to activate invisible orthodontics in your clinic and it doesn't work?

Have you run out of Invisalign discount and are having a hard time selling it to your patients vs. braces?

Don't you understand why others make so many aligners and your patients don't accept them?

You have not sent a single case with Invisalign for more than 12 months and you have lost your discount?

After 15 years of intense professional activity, Dr. Javier Lozano has promoted projects in the field of invisible orthodontics with great success, being one of the most prominent professionals in this field inside and outside our country.

Do you want to become a reference in invisible orthodontics in our country? 

You will get:

Our team

Get your patients' 95% treated with aligners

A 40-week program that will allow you to learn how to offer predictable invisible orthodontic treatments in your practice even if you have never worked with aligners before.
Get a special discount with Invisalign so that you can re-launch your clinic with the peace of mind that you maintain your pricing strategy: after all, learning from an "official speaker" has its advantages.
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