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What does PEI include?

Online sessions: 40 weeks of videos with detailed explanations of all types of malocclusions with aligners. Understand step by step the mechanics of each treatment and what to do to achieve success in your treatments.

Exclusive content: Related articles with each topic, selected notes and real cases in which to detect errors and successes in order to improve your deductive capacity.

Marketing strategies: Video-presentations on how to structure a pricing strategy in your clinicDefine workflows with aligners to optimize your time and treatment plan presentation sequences.

Communication plan: you will enjoy a comprehensive formula to be able to implement in your clinic actions that will make aligners more visible in your practicewithout the need to hire additional equipment or marketing and communication agencies.

Official INVISALIGN certification: work with the best aligner brand in the world! Sign up, we'll process your certification* and you'll enjoy a 20% discount on Invisalign for 12 months

* important: certification is not accepted for those who already have an Invisalign account of any kind.

What makes us different?

Our 40-week program will enable you to learn how to provide predictable invisible orthodontic treatments in your practice. even if you have never worked with aligners before.

The contents are exclusive and you will not be able to find them anywhere else.

You will receive training on management and marketing so you can easily train your team and generate a real revolution in your clinic in just 10 months of the program.

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The reservation fee will be deducted from the final price of the course. Once the reservation payment has been made, we will contact you to provide you with all the information.
A 40-week program that will allow you to learn how to offer predictable invisible orthodontic treatments in your practice even if you have never worked with aligners before.

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