Modular program of advanced biomechanics with aligners

If you want to grow your clinic and offer your patients a comprehensive treatment solution with aligners, after years of work and analysis, learning from our own mistakes, we offer you a program of advanced biomechanics with aligners in which we explain all our treatment principles.


A program to achieve excellence

Our doctorswith the collaboration of the Dr Gemma López and the Dr Daniel AragónThey will teach you all the biomechanical strategies they use with their patients, so that you too can treat any malocclusion with aligners.

In addition, Francisco Llerena, CEO of the Susana Palma Clinicis responsible for the management and marketing presentations that you will find interspersed throughout the clinical presentations.


Learn how to treat any malocclusion with invisible orthodontics.We help you move from the simplest to the most complex cases, just as you do with braces but with aligners.

Put into practice all the protocols that our doctors use in their clinic, you will get predictable 100% treatments!

Master the most advanced biomechanics with alignersIn invisible orthodontics, there will be no case of invisible orthodontics that you can't handle.

Take your dental practice to the top and offer invisalign to all your patients with our sales and marketing strategies.


  • Degree in Dentistry, University of Granada, Spain.
  • Postgraduate Degree in Orthodontics from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Master's Degree in Lingual Orthodontics, University of Valencia, Spain
  • Postgraduate Professor of Orthodontics at the Universities of Salamanca, Tor Vergata (Rome), Egaz Moniz (Lisbon) and Seville.
  • Winner of the International Invisalign Gallery in 2015 (first prize) and 2017 (second prize).
  • She is a regular lecturer worldwide on invisible orthodontics, as well as the author of several articles published in scientific journals and co-author of the book "Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics".
  • Degree in Dentistry, University of Murcia.
  • Postgraduate Degree in Orthodontics, CEU
  • Postgraduate professor of Orthodontics at the universities of Salamanca and CEPUME.
  • Honorary member, French Society of Aligners.
  • Honorary Member, ANEO.
  • President of the COHM Scientific Committee.
  • Regular lecturer worldwide on invisible orthodontics and co-author of the book "Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics".

Get your patients' 95% treated with aligners

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The Doctors will teach in a visual and graphic way each biomechanical step.
We want you to see what you hear, so that your learning is agile and efficient.
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