Online course on biomechanics with aligners

Achieve excellence in your invisible orthodontic treatments by applying biomechanical concepts based on scientific evidence and clinical reality, using auxiliary techniques and understanding how the plastic of an aligner moves teeth.


Dr. Susana Palma.

Importance of early treatment with aligners.

Dr. Xavier Maristany.

Do we value masticatory function in the diagnosis and finishing of our cases?

Dr. Antonio Secchi.

SureSmile: the revolution in aligner management.

Dr. Patricia Vergara.

Orthodontics beyond the limits: a particular vision to see and treat the different malocclusions...

Dr. Hector Garcia Alatorre.

Perfecting completion in your cases with Invisalign.

Dr. Luis G. Barbero.

Functional asymmetries: tricks to increase their predictability.

Dr. Martín Pedernera.

Biomechanical fundamentals for completion with aligners.

Dr. Javier Lozano.

Standardization of patient check-up appointments with aligners.

Dr. Francisco Lerena.

Boost your brand image and grow your clinic from within.

Dr. Victor Guerrero Alvarado.

Extra-radicular micro-screws: The simplification of anchorage in orthodontics.

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