Does anyone know how to integrate RNO with aligner treatments?

During the last few years we have seen how in many cases the integration of neuro-occlusal rehabilitation with aligners has been raised in congresses and conferences on treatment with aligners.

Bearing in mind that the whole philosophy of ORN developed by Pedro Planas (and which cannot be extended in any other way or with any other intention) consists of stimulating the sensory receptors through occlusion to rehabilitate the functions, we can understand that treatment with aligners, with all its virtues, does nothing but the opposite: covering all the dental contact surfaces, preventing normal occlusion while they are in the mouth.

Thus, those who attempt to reconcile two treatment philosophies that by themselves are fully valid - perhaps in an attempt to "generate content" as do the influencers - forget that Pedro Planas started from a philosophy of minimal intervention, possibly far from the mechanistic approach and sophistication of today's transparent aligners.

Thus, neuro-occlusal rehabilitation treatment carried out simultaneously with the use of aligners is a fallacy in itself, since these condition the patient during their use to a double occlusion: the one with the aligners on and the one with the aligners off, which is precisely what the RNO philosophy tries to avoid.

Perhaps we should focus on reviewing the texts of Pedro Planas and understand, once again, that the "idioms" in our field are often nothing more than an attempt to "discover" something that does not contribute more than the initial approach... and that in some cases may even detract from the quality of the service we provide to our patients.

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